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Islamic Dream Interpretation Arrow and Dream Meaning

In a dream, arrows mean messages, a messenger, writings, victory over one’s enemy. Arrows in a dream also are an indicator or a guide. An arrow in a dream also represents a messenger, profits, a son, longevity or new clothing. The arrows themselves in a dream also mean the fear of an emissary for his life. Source: Ibn Sirin

The arrow symbolizes a messenger; correspondence; an indication; and strength and triumph over enemies. For a woman, it refers to her husband. The weaving arrow represents an emissary, a circumcised boy, long life, or clothes. Source: Islamic Scholars

Woman sees her Husband’s Arrows in their Quiver

If a woman sees her husband’s arrows in their quiver in a dream, it means that her husband has turned away from her.

An Arrow Outside its Quiver

Seeing an arrow outside its quiver, means failure to perform one’s duty or inability to deliver one’s message.

Shoots an Arrow but Fails to Hit Target

If one shoots an arrow but fails to hit his target in the dream, it means that he will send a messenger to do something and his messenger will fail to deliver.

Woman Shooting Him with An Arrow

If one sees a woman shooting him with an arrow in a dream, it means that she is showing kindness toward him and consequently he may fall in love with her, or he may marry her.

One Shoots an Arrow and Hits his Target

If one shoots an arrow and hits his target in a dream, it means that he will reach his goal, or if he wishes to have a child, it means that he will bear a son.

Arrows Made from Reeds

If the arrows are made from reeds in one’s dream, they mean falsehood and prattle.


If they have arrowheads in the dream, then they represent a talkative person who if he hits his target, it means that he does what he says.

Arrowhead Breaks

If the arrowhead breaks in the dream, it mean that he is sending a message to a woman because of another woman. The arrowhead in a dream represents strength, power or disturbance.

Throwing Arrows

Throwing arrows in a dream means backbiting others and slandering them.

Shooting Arrows

In a dream, shooting arrows is interpreted like shelling someone or a place. Otherwise, they means backbiting people or slandering them. Shooting arrows in a dream also could mean taking medicine, or giving an injection to a patient. Shooting arrows at people in a dream then means backbiting people, slandering them, or it could mean vain talking. Shooting an arrow means speaking out against evil. The extent to which the arrow penetrates decides the extent to which his words will have effect. Shooting arrows in a dream means writing letters.

Arrows without Arrowheads

If the arrows do not have arrowheads in the dream, then they mean disappointment.

Shooting arrow and hitting own Self

If one shoots arrows and finds himself also at the receiving end in a dream, it means that he will attain his goal of meeting his Lord. However, if he remains in this world, it means that he will rise in station and receive honor.

Two Rows of People Shooting arrows at Each Other

If one sees two rows of people shooting arrows at each other in his dream, it means that the successful ones would be right and the losers would be at fault.

One Failing at his Aim

If one constantly fails his aim in his dream, it means that he has an evil speaking tongue.

Hitting One’s Target

Hitting one’s target in a dream means attaining one’s goals, or speaking the truth regarding someone he knows.

Wearing a White Garment and Shooting

Wearing a white garment and standing on top of a mountain and shooting arrows toward the East and the West in a dream means attaining a vast control over people and lands, if one qualifies.

Shaping an Arrow

It symbolises honour and superiority. Or the birth of a brother or son. Or marriage which will be a means of a son being born to him.

Woman sees Reversed Arrow in a Quiver

A woman seeing a reversed arrow in a quiver: A change of heart against her on the part of her husband.  Source: Islamic Scholars

Holding an Arrow

Holding an arrow: Prestige, dignity, influence, and prosperity. Source: Islamic Scholars

Arrow Breaking After Being launched from Bow

An arrow breaking after being launched from the bow: The dreamer will not be able to deliver a message. Source: Islamic Scholars

Throwing Arrows

Throwing arrows: Written messages. Source: Islamic Scholars

Hitting Target with an Arrow

Hitting the target with an arrow: Will have a male child, if wife is expecting. Source: Islamic Scholars

Throwing an Arrow but Missing the Target

Throwing an arrow and missing the target: Will send a messenger who will fail in his mission. Source: Islamic Scholars

Man’s Woman Throwing an Arrow and Hitting Him in his Heart

A man’s woman, girlfriend, slave, or servant throwing an arrow and hitting him in his heart: She will tease and flirt with him, and he will be captured by her charm. Source: Islamic Scholars

Arrows being Displayed

Arrows being displayed: Messengers will give good tidings and express kind sentiments in all courtesy. Source: Islamic Scholars

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