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Islamic Dream Interpretation Bow and Dream Meaning

In a dream, a bow means travels, a brother, a wife, a son or closeness to someone. Source: Ibn Sirin

Holding a Broken Bow

Holding a broken bow in a dream means losing one’s job or closing one’s business. Source: Ibn Sirin

Young Man Attaching a string to a Bow

Seeing a young man attaching a string to a bow in a dream represents one’s enemy. Attaching a string to a bow in a dream also means marriage, while detaching the string of a bow in a dream means divorce. Source: Ibn Sirin

One Standing Before a Ruler with two Bows Length

Seeing oneself standing before a ruler with two bows length between them mean receiving an appointment. Source: Ibn Sirin

Two Bows

The two bows in a dream also represent one’s eye-brows. Source: Ibn Sirin

Shooting Arrows with a Bow

Shooting arrows with a bow in a dream means speaking wrong about something or backbiting someone.  Source: Ibn Sirin

Carving a Bow

Carving a bow in a dream means preparing to get married or begetting a son. Source: Ibn Sirin

Shooting an Arrow and Hitting Target

Shooting an arrow and hitting one’s target in a dream means fulfilling one’s needs, or attaining one’s goal. Source: Ibn Sirin

Selling a Bow and Arrows

Selling one’s bow and arrows in a dream means giving priority to one’s religious life over that of his mundane one. Source: Ibn Sirin

Shooting Hazelnuts

Shooting hazelnuts in a town in a dream means backbiting people, while shooting hazelnuts in the forest means earning lawful money from hunting. Source: Ibn Sirin

Shooting Arrows in front of the City Hall

Shooting arrows in front of the city hall in a dream means backbiting or slandering others. Source: Ibn Sirin

Shooting a Pigeon

Shooting a pigeon in a dream means slandering one’s own wife. Source: Ibn Sirin

Bending an Arch

Bending an arch in a dream means preparing for war. Source: Ibn Sirin

Covered Bow

A covered bow in a dream means that, one’s wife is pregnant. If a pregnant woman hands a man a bow in a dream, it means that she will conceive a girl from him. Source: Ibn Sirin

Pregnant Woman Hands Her Husband a Bow

If a pregnant woman hands her husband a bow in a dream, it means that she will deliver a boy. Source: Ibn Sirin

Stretching the Strings of a Bow

Stretching the strings of a bow in a dream means longevity. Stretching it without an arrow in a dream means planning to travel. Source: Ibn Sirin

Broken Bow

A broken bow in a dream signifies the death of a brother, a business partner, or a son. A bow is broken bow in a dream means that an accident may cause the hand of a brother or a business partner to fracture. Source: Ibn Sirin

Discarding a Bow

If a person sees himself as throwing away his bow it means he will lose his respectability and honour. Some say he will undertake a journey and will return safely if the bow-string doe not break. If it breaks he will remain at his destination. Source: Ibn Sirin

Confiscating a Bow from Another

If a person sees himself struggling with another in an effort to confiscate a bow from him but without success it means matters will become confusing and difficult for the person who is associated with such a bow. Such a person may be the king, a brother or son. Source: Ibn Sirin

Bow in its Cover

His wife is pregnant with a male issue in her stomach. Source: Ibn Sirin

A Broken Bow

It is an omen that either he or his son or his brother will lose respectability and honor. Source: Ibn Sirin

A Sword or Bow or Spear in the Hand

Armed with or using any of the above against someone means a person will soon wield power and strength. Source: Ibn Sirin

A Teasing Bow

In a dream, a teasing bow for carding cotton represents a disgraceful and a repulsive woman. Source: Ibn Sirin

Draws Arrow from Quiver

If one draws arrows from his quiver in a dream, it means that he will beget a son. Source: Ibn Sirin


Throwing an Arrow at a Doe

Throwing an arrow at a doe: Will slander a maiden or a maid. Source: Islamic Scholars

Throwing an Arrow at a She-Hyena

Throwing an arrow at a she-hyena: Exchange of words and messages with such a woman. Source: Islamic Scholars

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