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Islamic Dream Interpretation Desire and Dream Meaning

If one desires something, then sees a mirage in his dream, it means that his desire is impossible to attain, or that he will be deprived of attaining it. Source: Ibn Sirin

Stretching one’s limbs represents:  (1) Sexual desire.  (2) If dreamer is a girl, she desires marriage. Source: Islamic Scholars

Islamic Dream Interpretation Disobeying One’s Desire

Disobeying one’s mind, desire and passion in a dream means entering the heavenly paradise. Following one’s desires in a dream means negligence of once religious duties. Source: Ibn Sirin

Islamic Dream Interpretation Desire to See One’s Homeland

To feel a yearning or desire to see one’s homeland in a dream means a divorce between a husband and wife or separation between friends, or it could mean that one will become rich after being poor, though in general, desire in a dream connotes evil if accompanied with crying or lamentation. Source: Ibn Sirin

Islamic Dream Interpretation Satisfying One’s Desire

Satisfying one’s desire with no restraint in a dream mostly denotes the actions of the dwellers of hell-fire. Source: Ibn Sirin

Islamic Dream Interpretation Desires Fulfilled

If a person dreams that his mission is accomplished and his heart’s desires are fulfilled in the world it means his condition will change completely and he will sustain much loss for Allah Taala says in the Holy Quran: Until in the midst of their enjoyment of our gifts, we called them to account suddenly, when lo, they were plunged in despair. Source: Ibn Sirin
In a dream, to fulfill a desire with great passion denotes the actions of the dwellers of hell-fire. Source: Ibn Sirin

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