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Islamic Dream Interpretation Firewood and Dream Meaning

Seeing firewood has a lot of islamic dream interpretations and every interpretation like it can bring evil is mentioned below.

If someone sees timber in his house it could mean profits, inheritance, fulfilling needs or endowments. And if he sees that in the dream timber needs cutting, then it represents that earnings involve great efforts or can bring about evil. Seeing wrapped firewood in a bundle means mixed profits. And if sees that timber is already been cut for fireplace in his dream, it shows the person who is favored by someone in authority or could mean success in business. Firewood also means stinginess or adversities. If person sees that he is gathering firewood in his dream then it means bringing medicine for a person who is sick. If a person who is unemployed sees that he is carrying a bundle of firewood, then it represents that soon he will work for a kind person. Source: Ibn Sirin

It means backbiting and slander. If one sees putting two or three logs to burn in the fire in dream, then it means an argument will take place or an exchange of rough words. Source: Ibn Sirin

Islamic Dream Interpretation Carrying Firewood

Carrying firewood in a dream simple means exchanging harsh words, backbiting, slander, calumniation or rebuke. Source: Ibn Sirin

Islamic Dream Interpretation Kindling a Fire

And if someone kindles a fire in a dream, then it means that he will report someone who has the authorities. Source: Ibn Sirin

Islamic Dream Interpretation Religious Person Sees Timber

If a religious person sees timber in his dream then it shows that he will commit a major sin such as adultery, murder, theft, but he will get caught after this sin and put to justice. Source: Ibn Sirin

Distinguishing its Fruit or Attributing the Firewood to his Mother

If someone sees distinguishing its fruit of attributing the firewood to his mother, then the dream means money of a doubtful source. If someone sees that he is offering timber to burn in a religious ceremony then the dream means nearness to ALLAH Almighty, or it could mean bringing a culpable before a judge, offering gift to his teacher, or bringing sick person to a doctor. In this case, if someone sees that the timber burns before putting it in fire, then it shows that the gift was accepted or a guilty person will receive a verdict. If someone sees eating timber then it represents earning unlawful money. Source: Ibn Sirin

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