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Islamic Dream Interpretation Fishing and Dream Meaning

If one sees fishing in a well in his dream, it means homosexuality or could represent someone who tries to tempt his servant or his assistant to indulge in a loathsome act. If one sees he is fishing in murky waters, it means sorrows, evil or distress however it may happen. If one sees fishing in clear waters, it means hearing nice words, conceiving a son, or evil. If one sees fishing in salty water, it means difficulties. If one sees fishing in a fishhook, it means pleasure, losing benefits or excitement. Mostly when sees fishing with a pole and fishhook in a dream, it means slow coming benefits, difficulties, or a loose and slow business. Source: Ibn Sirin

Islamic Dream Interpretation Fishing on a Dry Land

If one sees fishing on a dry land, it means committing adultery, a sin or could also mean hearing good news. Source: Ibn Sirin

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