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Islamic Dream Interpretation Ghusl and Dream Meaning

Performing Ghusl With Water from A Stream or River Dream Interpretation

Performing wudhu or ghusl with water from a stream or small river suggest one of the following : if the observer of the dream is grief-stricken, Allah will grant him happiness; if he is living in fear, Allah will grant him safety and security; if he is in debts Allah will provide him with the means to fulfil his debt; if he is sinful, Allah will conceal his sins, grant him pardon and atonement; if he is ill, Allah will grant him complete cure. This interpretation is in the light of the sotyr of Hazrat Ayyub (AS). Source: Ibn Sirin

Complete Ghusl Dream Interpretation and Meaning

A complete wudhu or ghusl suggests complete pardon from sins and evil. Source: Ibn Sirin

Ghusl with Milk, Wine, Oil etc Dream Interpretation and Meaning

If a person sees himself performing wudhu or ghusl with milk, wine, oil or any such liquid or fluid with which wudhu and ghusl are not valid, it means his worldly and religious pursuits will not be fulfilled. Source: Ibn Sirin

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