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Islamic Dream Interpretation Hell


Seeing Malik (Guardian Angel of Hell-Fire) in your Dream

If someone sees Malik (the guardian angel of hell-fire) in his dream then it shows receiving guidance after heedlessness. And if one sees Malik is coming towards him, it represents his salvation and restoration of his faith. And if one sees that Malik his turning his back on him and going away, it indicates that he will commit a major son which will take him to the blazing fire of hell. Source: Ibn Sirin

The angels in charge of punishing the sinners in hell seen in a dream represent the tax collectors, soldiers or the authority. If one sees entering hell-fire and coming out of it then it shows that ALLAH willing, his life will reach a climax in paradise. If someone sees his limbs rebuke him in his dream, it shows that his own body is telling him something, or admonishing and trying to awaken his conscious to the realities of the hereafter and the Day of Reckoning. Source: Ibn Sirin

Hell-Fire Islamic Dream Interpretations

If one sees burning coal in his dream then it means he will exceed the limits of people's rights. If one sees eating food from the hell it represents tyrant and a blood thirsty person. If one sees his self inside of hell fire and his eyes turn dark-blue and his face resembles black charcoal in his dream it means that will befriend with ALLAH's enemies and permission to their deception and chicanery. In result he will surely be humiliated and despised by people, and then he will suffer the consequences of his sin he committed. Seeing hell-fire also means that the dreamer should avoid incurring wrath of the ruler. Entering also represents notoriety or becoming known as an evil person and could mean heedlessness and pursuing one's indulgence in abominable actions. Any kind of that person's knowledge will bear evil results. Source: Ibn Sirin

Entering Hell Fire Islamic Dream Interpretation

Whether he is a believer or not, if someone sees himself entering hell-fire it means that he will become poor, he will suffer fever, he will commit a major sin, he will enter a prison or mix with disbelievers. The major sin includes murder or adultery or something that is strictly prohibited in Islam. If one comes out safely without being hard from the fire then it shows the worldly pleasures. If one sees hell-fear coming near to him in his dream, it shows very hard debts, losses, difficulties, fines and adversities and that person will not be able to escape these problems. If one sees that he is entering hell-fire but holding his sword unsheathed it indicated that he will speak evil of others and do hateful actions against his own soul. And if one enters it and smiling then the same interpretation applies. If one sees himself as a prisoner in hell-fire and do not know when he got in the prison in his dream, then it shows poverty, constraint, failure to pray, deprivation, fast or to remember his Lord. Source: Ibn Sirin


Hell Islamic Dream Interpretations

Hell in a dream also represents loss of one's prestige, status and it means poverty after wealth, despair after comfort, unlawful earnings, insolence, and if it leads to an illness, it will end in a shocking death as a punishment. If it leads to employment, it will be a job serving a tyrant. If it leads to acquiring knowledge, it means inventing vain religious practices. If it leads to bearing a son, he will be the child of adultery. In general hell in a dream means excessive sexual desires, a slaughter house, a public bath, an oven, inventing a new religion, innovation, absence of truth, indulgence in what is forbidden, stinginess, denying the Day of Judgment, a blazing fire for the devils, joining with a group of evildoers in committing atrocities, denying the sovereignty of Allah Almighty and ascribing human characteristics to Him. Dream Interpreter: Ibn Sirin


Admission into Hell — Seeing oneself being admitted into hell is a warning that the observer will plunge into commission of serious crimes. If he sees himself as being unharmed by Jahannam, it is an omen that he will suffer much grief and sorrow, the extent depending on how much he sees. Dream Interpreter: Ibn Sirin


Jahannam or Hell — To see Jahannam in one's dream is a warning that the observer will plunge into commission ofheinous crimes and sins. Such a person should immediately resort to taubah and refrain from his bad habits and mend his ways. Dream Interpreter: Ibn Sirin


Hell — • Dreaming of having entered Hell:  (1) The dreamer is committing such sins and abominations as would deserve capital punishment.  (2) The dreamer will serve as a judge.
• Having been introduced to Hell: The person who pushed the dreamer into Hell is misleading him and inciting him to commit abominations.
• Having come out unscathed from the Inferno: The dreamer will be immersed in troubles.
• Dreaming of having drunk from the lava of Hell or eaten something from its fuel:  Dream Interpreter: Various Islamic Scholars


Hell — • Dreaming of being grilled on embers: The dreamer is deliberately walking tall while people are prostrating themselves in the sanctuaries.
• Entering Hell with a smile: The dreamer is a debauchee who enjoys worldly delights.
• Dreaming of having drawn one’s sword and entered Hell: The dreamer is advocating vice and all that is religiously prohibited.
• Seeing Malek, the Custodian of Hell, smiling: The dreamer will be safe from a policeman, an executioner, or a torturer. Dream Interpreter: Various Islamic Scholars


Hell — (1) Difficulties are ahead.  (2) The dreamer is seeking some kind of learning that will bring him a tragedy.  (3) The dreamer will shed others  blood.
• The dreamer’s face turning black in Hell: He is befriending an enemy of God and condoning his actions, which will blacken his face in people’s eyes. He should beware of God.
• Dreaming of being locked in Hell without knowing when one had entered: The subject is still poor, deprived, and miserable on earth and neither prays nor fasts nor observes any religious tenet. Dream Interpreter: Various Islamic Scholars

Hell — • An angel having grabbed the dreamer and thrown him in the Fire: Must make some charity.
• Seeing Hell from a near distance:  (1) A warning to abstain from and repent for a sin the dreamer is committing.  (2) The dreamer will fall into trouble from which he will not escape in view of a verse in the Holy Quran: “And the guilty behold the Fire and know that they are about to fall therein, and they find no way of escape thence.”  (“Al-Kahf [The Cave], verse 53.)  (3) Will sustain catastrophic losses in view of the Quranic verse: “And who say: Our Lord! Avert from us the doom of Hell; lo! the doom thereof is a fine.”  (“Al-Furqan” [The Criterion], verse 65.) Dream Interpreter: Various Islamic Scholars

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