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Islamic Dream Interpretation Lily and Dream Meaning

The Islamic dream interpretation of Lily is; travels by sea, life or hiding. But have other meanings too which can find in this guide.

Islamic Dream Interpretation Lily of the Valley

Lily of the valley in a dream denotes despised act or harm. While receiving a lily flower in a dream means showing a bad example or a bad conduct. Source: Ibn Sirin

Islamic Dream Interpretation Water Lily

Water lily in a dream means concealment, travels by sea, life or hiding. If a sea traveller sees a water lily, it indicates that his ship may drown. It also represents an lawfully earned money which one can spend for his charities to please ALLAH Almighty. It also means sadness, illness, sorrow, a man whose temper is changing constantly, man whose actions are trained or a man with different faces. Having a bouquet of water lily means sorrow, illness, endurance of changes. Source: Ibn Sirin

Islamic Dream Interpretation Lily Arabic Sawsan

About this plant there are other controversial interpretations, some of them symbolizes good praise and others evil, for etymological reasons relating to the Arab language. Source: Various Scholars

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