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Islamic Dream Interpretation Mare and Dream Meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation Unknown Stallion or Mare in House

If one sees saddles unknown stallion or mare in his house it means a woman will enter the house for a simple courtesy call or sex or for a marriage. The same situation involves an unsaddles horse, that means a man would enter the house for a courtesy call, sex or for a marriage. Packhorses or draft horses denotes man’s struggle and perseverance. They are a midway between a mare and a donkey. They also represent a low-class wife and a servant or a slave. They also refer to the luck earned through tears and sweat, prosperity and energy. Source: Various Islamic Scholars

Islamic Dream Interpretation Riding on a Saddles Stallion or Mare

Riding on a saddled stallion or mare means dignity and authority because riding is the privilege of kings and horses are what King Solomon used to ride. Such an authority could come through a woman the dreamer would marry or a slave girl he would buy. However, such a dream would not augur well in any case if the subject rode without reins, which symbolize guidance, wisdom, religion, and command. Losing the reins would also mean that welfare will slip away. Source: Various Islamic Scholars

Islamic Dream Interpretation Falling from the Back of Stallion or Mare

Falling from the back of a stallion or mare while riding bareback means that his authority will wane, corruption will encompass the dreamer’s wife and conditions will deteriorate. Source: Various Islamic Scholars

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