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Islamic Dream Interpretation Millet and Dream Meaning

Each symbolizes one’s wealth which will be of no avail to one. Source: Ibn Sirin

[And when he came to Joseph in the prison, he exclaimed]: Joseph! O thou truthful one! Expound for us the seven fat kine which seven lean were eating and the seven green ears of corn and other [seven] dry, that I may return unto the people, so that they may know. He said: Ye shall sow seven years as usual, but that which ye reap, leave it in the ear, all save a little which ye eat. Then after that will come seven hard years which will devour all that ye have prepared for them, save a little of that which ye have stored. Then, after that, will come a year when the people will have plenteous crops and when they will press  (wine and oil). Source: Islamic Scholars

All green plants, except corn, barley, sesame, the great millet of Africa, and beans, symbolize Islam  (religion). Planting means that the dreamer’s wife will get pregnant. Source: Islamic Scholars

Spike of Corn Dream Interpretation

The green ear or spike of corn symbolizes the fertility of the year. But it could also mean the death or killing of young people. Yellow spikes refer to the demise of the elderly. Source: Islamic Scholars

Dry or Dead Corn Dream Interpretation

The dry or dead corn standing on its stem is a sterile year, in view of verses 43 to 49 in the Quranic surah, or chapter, on Yusuf  (Joseph). And the king said: Lo! I saw in a dream seven fat kine which seven lean were eating, and seven green ears of corn and other  (seven) dry. O notables! Expound for me my vision, if ye can interpret dreams. They answered: Jumbled dreams! And we are not knowing in the interpretation of dreams. And he of the two who was released, and  (now) at length remembered, said: I am going to announce unto you the interpretation, therefore send me forth. Source: Islamic Scholars

Sometimes, the ears of corn allude to years, months, or days. Joseph regarded them as years. Likewise, they refer to the wealth of this world. Source: Islamic Scholars

Planting a Corn Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Planting corn: Will do something that will please God. Source: Islamic Scholars

Endeavouring to or Helping Plant Corn Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Endeavouring to or helping plant corn: A reference to Jihad  (struggle in the way of Allah). Source: Islamic Scholars

Planting Corn that gives Barley Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Planting corn that gives Barley: The dreamer’s appearance is better than his hidden self. And vice versa. Source: Islamic Scholars

Planting Corn that gives Blood Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Planting corn that gives blood: The subject is making a living from usury. Source: Islamic Scholars

Ears of Corn Gathered in a Person’s Hand or in Container Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Ears of corn gathered in a person’s hand or in a container: Will obtain money earned by somebody else or acquire learning. Source: Islamic Scholars

Picking scattered Spikes Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Picking scattered spikes from the harvest of someone whom the dreamer knows: Will obtain scattered sums of money from that person. A harvest in the wrong season would mean that death will occur or war will erupt on that spot. Source: Islamic Scholars

Corn Flour or Wheat Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Wheat or corn flour symbolizes whatever money the dreamer has amassed. It also refers to his children and other persons he supports. Source: Islamic Scholars

Baking Wheat or Corn Flour Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Baking wheat or corn flour: Will visit relatives abroad. Source: Islamic Scholars

Cooking Indian Stew Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Cooking Indian stew which is a meal consisting of corn and other vegetables in a dream means poverty, worship, or devotion. Source: Ibn Sirin

Corn Bread Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Corn bread, chick peas bread or millet bread means tight financial conditions and rising prices. Source: Ibn Sirin

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