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Islamic Dream Interpretation Taking the Road

If one sees the road in his dream, it shows the divine law. Many roads in a dream denote religious innovation, or it could mean deviation from ALLAH’s path. It also represents a craft, the past, aging, eternity, continuity, the good example, or the bad example. And also represents one’s livelihood, truth, death or a woman. Source: Ibn Sirin

Merchant Himself Walking on the Road

If a merchant sees himself walking on a road in a dream, it means that he will find new avenues to earn more money. Source: Ibn Sirin

Walking on a Side Road Dream Interpretation

If one sees that he is walking on a side road or yielding at a fork in his dream, it means going astray. Source: Ibn Sirin

Highway Robber Attacks Dream Interpretation

Highway robber attacks someone in his dream, it represents a loss of a friend. Source: Ibn Sirin

Ruler Strolling through a Rugged Road Dream Meaning

A ruler strolling through a rugged road in a dream means he will establish justice and pave the way to prosperity and righteousness. Source: Ibn Sirin

Straight Road Dream Interpretation

If one sees the straight road in a dream, it represents ALLAH’s path or could also represent dreamer’s true faith in ALLAH’s revelations or in following the practice of Allah’s Messenger, Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam, or following the guidance of one’s teacher or sheikh. In a dream, Walking on a straight path means finding guidance and repenting from sins. Source: Ibn Sirin

Many Roads in a Dream Meaning

Many roads in a dream mean hesitancy, apostasy, doubt, heedlessness, or fluctuations in one’s faith. Source: Ibn Sirin

Hidden Road in a Dream Interpretation

In a dream in which one sees hidden road means innovation, pride and self deception. Source: Ibn Sirin

Companion of the road Dream Interpretation

If a sick person in his dream walking on a road with his friend or traveling with him, dream represents that he will recover from his illness. If an unknown person accompanies him in the road, means suffering loses. Source: Ibn Sirin

Walking in the Company of a Relative

Walking in the company of a relative in dream has a negative connotation. Source: Ibn Sirin

Taking the Road Dream Interpretation

In a dream, to wend one’s way, or to take the road, or to go in the direction of the door means success, finding the real cause of things, or it could mean establishing the course of one’s life on the basis of righteousness, depending on how close one gets to his goal in the dream. Source: Ibn Sirin

Open Road Dream Interpretation

In a dream, open road means that one may work for someone in the government.

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