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Islamic Dream Interpretation Trumpet of Resurrection and Dream Meaning

Second Blow of Trumpet of the Day of Resurrection

The second blow indicates their resurrection back to life, which will be followed by the Grand Gathering for the Day of Judgment. Source: Ibn Sirin


Second Blow of Trumpet of the Day of Resurrection

If one hears the second blow of the trumpet of resurrection in a dream, it means prosperity, revealing what is hidden, exposing long kept secrets, recovering from an illness, release from prison, reunion of beloveds, or meeting with people who have just arrived from a long journey. Source: Ibn Sirin

Sick Person Hears First Blow of Trumpet

If a sick person hears the first blow in a dream, it means that he will shortly recover from his illness. If the town is inflicted with a calamity, then hearing it in a dream means that people’s adversities will be lifted. If there is a drought, it will end and food prices will go back to normal. Source: Ibn Sirin

Sound of Trumpet of the Day of Resurrection

Hearing the sound of the trumpet of the Day of Resurrection in a dream means hearing the truth. Source: Ibn Sirin

Blowing in the Trumpet of the Arc Angel

Blowing in the trumpet of the arc angel Israfil (Alayhi-Salam) in a dream means salvation of the righteous ones. In a dream, the sound of this trumpet invokes fear incurring news that cause shivers and trembling in people’s hearts. If one hears it alone, then the news are exclusive for him. If everyone hears its sound in the dream, then it is a public affair. If one hears the sound of the trumpet and anticipates that everyone has heard it too in a dream, it means plagues and adversities, for the first blow indicates the end of the world and the death of everyone in it. Source: Ibn Sirin

Blowing the Trumpet of Resurrection

Blowing the trumpet of resurrection in a dream means salvation of the righteous ones. Hearing the first sound of the trumpet of resurrection in a dream means announcing the truth or hearing shocking and worrisome news. Hearing the second blow of the trumpet of resurrection in a dream means exposure of secrets, recovering of the sick, release of the prisoners, reunion of beloveds, loss of one’s capital investment or the flow of wealth. Source: Ibn Sirin


Seeing the Day of Resurrection, or Doomsday in a dream is a serious warning for a sinner, or it could represent a warning for someone who is contemplating a sinful act. Seeing the Day of Resurrection in a dream also denotes justice. Seeing the Day of Resurrection in a dream also represents the spread of evil, the presence of an extended police force, and the ruling of large armies and dictatorships around the world. Thus, seeing the Day of Resurrection in a dream is a reminder and a warning to the one who sees it. Source: Ibn Sirin

Seeing the Day of Resurrection in a dream also denotes that some of the major signs are actually taking place, such as blood shedding, spread of evil, belligerence of atheism, pride about wealth, ruling of the working class, building high rises, the end of the era of kings on earth, or it could remind the person of the prophesied signs, such as the rising of the sun from the West, the emergence of a beast that will speak with a human tongue, the rising of the Imposter (arb. Dajjal. Antichrist), etcetera. Source: Ibn Sirin

Such a dream also could be interpreted to suit a person who is seeking the impossible, or one who is adamant at pursuing the path of wrongdoing, falsehood and lies. Source: Ibn Sirin

If one sees the Doomsday in a dream, it means that he will escape from dangerous enemies, or that perhaps a major trial will befall the dwellers of that place. Source: Ibn Sirin

Man at War Dreams of Doomsday

A man at war dreaming of Doomsday: Will triumph. Source: Islamic Scholars

Sees hour has come for him Alone

Dreaming that the hour has come for you alone: Will die. Source: Islamic Scholars

Dreaming of the Atrocities of Doomsday

Dreaming of the atrocities of Doomsday, then seeing everything returning to normal:  (1) Justice will replace injustice inflicted by most unfair people.  (2) The dreamer is immersed in sins, asking impossible things, determined to keep lying, and refusing to repent, owing to the Quranic verse: “Nay, but that hath become clear unto them which before they used to hide. And if they were sent back they would return unto that which they are forbidden. Lo! they are liars.” Source: Islamic Scholars

Signs of the Hour Marking the End of the World

Seeing one of the signs of the hour marking the end of the world, such as the sun rising in the west, the mammals, reptiles, and insects flocking, the appearance of the Antichrist or of Gog and Magog:  (1) Good augury for an obedient worshiper of God.  (2) A warning to sinners. Source: Islamic Scholars

Standing before God on Doomsday

Seeing oneself standing before God on Doomsday or the dead coming out of their graves: Justice will prevail quickly. Source: Islamic Scholars

Doomsday has Come

Dreaming that Doomsday has come: The dreamer is compelled to travel. Source: Islamic Scholars

Being Pushed to join Crowd of the Resurrected

Seeing oneself alone or with another person being pushed to join the crowd of the resurrected: The dreamer is unjust in view of the verse of the Holy Quran that says: “ (And it is said unto the angels): Assemble those who did wrong, together with their wives and what they used to worship.”  (“Al-Saffat” [Those Who Set the Ranks], verse 22.) Source: Islamic Scholars

Angel Handing over a Book and Commanding him to Read

An angel handing over a Scripture or a book to the dreamer and commanding him to read:  (1) Good dream for a pious person, meaning joy.  (2) The fate of an irreligious dreamer is in jeopardy in view of the Quranic verse: “ (And it will be said unto him): Read thy book. Thy soul sufficeth as reckoner against thee this day.”  (“Bani Israil” [The Children of Israel], verse 14.) Source: Islamic Scholars

Walking along the Path

Walking along the path: The dreamer is scrupulously observing religious tenets. Source: Islamic Scholars

Deviating from the Path

Deviating from the path, the balance, and the book and crying: God may help you on Doomsday! Source: Islamic Scholars

Day of Judgment Drawing Near

The Day of Judgment drawing near: The dreamer is forgetful of philanthropy and rejecting justice in view of the Quranic verse: “Their reckoning draweth nigh for mankind, while they turn away in heedlessness.”  (“Al-Anbiyae” [The Prophets], verse 01.) Source: Islamic Scholars

Hard Time Rendering Accounts to Almighty

Having had a hard time rendering accounts to the Almighty: Wife is compassionate with you, and she is virtuous and religious. Source: Islamic Scholars

Been Dealt with Sternly

Having been dealt with sternly: Will incur losses in view of the Quranic verse: “And how many a community revolted against the ordinance of its Lord and His messengers, and We called it to a stern account and punished it with dire punishment.”  (“Al-Talaq” [Divorce], verse 08.) Source: Islamic Scholars

Being asked by Almighty ALLAH to Render Accounts

Being asked by Almighty God to render accounts and the dreamer’s deeds being put in the balance to prove, ultimately, that the good ones outweigh the bad: The dreamer is extremely obedient to God and will be generously rewarded. The reverse is also true. Source: Islamic Scholars

Balance is in your Hands

Dreaming that the Balance is in your hand: You are on the right path, in view of the Quranic verse: “We verily sent Our messengers with clear proofs, and revealed with them the Scripture and the Balance, that mankind may observe right measure….”  (“Al-Hadid” [Iron], verse 25). Source: Islamic Scholars

Only Person Resurrected

Being the only person resurrected on such a day means one’s death. Source: Ibn Sirin

Awaiting Judgment on the Day of Resurrection

Standing up awaiting one’s judgement on the Day of Resurrection in a dream means travels. Source: Ibn Sirin

One sees himself and his wife Brought for Judgment on the day Of Resurrection

If one sees himself and his wife being the only people who are brought for judgement of the grand Day of Gathering in a dream, it means that he is being unjust. Source: Ibn Sirin

Graves Splitting Open and People Resurrected Back

If one sees the graves splitting open, dead people resurrected back to life and are walking out of them accompanied with their angels in a dream, it means that justice will prevail in that land. If one experiences the resurrection in a dream, then discovers that the world went back to continue its prior course , it means that justice will dominate that land for a while, then it will be followed by a tyranny that will be carried by people who are not even suspected to be of such character. Source: Ibn Sirin

Warrior sees the Day of Resurrection

If a warrior sees the Day of Resurrection in a dream, it means that by Allah’s decree, the aggressor shall be defeated. Source: Ibn Sirin

Land of Resurrection

The land of the grand gathering in a dream represents a chaste woman or a noble man. Source: Ibn Sirin

Blowing of the Trumpet of Resurrection

The blowing of the Trumpet of Resurrection in a dream represents the salvation of the righteous ones. Seeing any of the great extraordinary events or signs that shall precede the Day of resurrection in a dream means glad tidings for a believer who does good, and a warning for a disbeliever to correct himself and repent for his sins before its coming. Source: Ibn Sirin

One Carrying his Book of Record in Right Hand

If one sees himself carrying his book of records in his right hand in a dream, it means that he will win righteousness, wealth and honor. Source: Ibn Sirin

One Carrying his Book of Record in Left Hand

If one sees himself carrying his book of records in his left hand in a dream, it means that he will fall into sin and the consequent poverty and need of others, for wealth and adultery do not mix. Source: Ibn Sirin

Witnessing the Emergence of the Imposter

If one witnesses the emergence of the Imposter (Antichrist) in a dream, it signifies new trends, innovations and masses straying from the straight path. Source: Ibn Sirin

Final Signs of the Day of Reckoning

Recognizing the eminent final signs of the Day of Reckoning in a dream means that one is unaware of his heedlessness and such dream constitutes a warning. If one’s reckoning is easy in a dream, it denotes his wife’s piety, compassion and love for him. Source: Ibn Sirin

Detailed and Painful Reckoning

If one’s reckoning is detailed and painful in a dream, then it represents major losses. If one’s good deeds weigh heavier than his bad deeds in the dream, it means that his devotion is true and that his reward will be greater. Source: Ibn Sirin

Carrying Scale to Weigh his Own Deeds

If one sees himself carrying the scale to weigh his own deeds in a dream, it denotes his righteousness and correctness. Source: Ibn Sirin

Angel Handing him his Records

If one sees an angel handing him his records and telling him to read his own book in the dream, it also means that he is on the right path. Source: Ibn Sirin

Walking on the Bridge of the Day of Judgment

Walking on the bridge of the Day of Judgment, carrying one’s own records and crying in a dream means that one is praying for Allah’s forgiveness and to ease his reckoning. Source: Ibn Sirin

Bridge of Judgement Crossed

If one crosses the Bridge of Judgement in a dream, it means that he will escape a major trial, or perhaps it could represent a major hurdle one may have to cross in this life. Source: Ibn Sirin

Balance of the Day of Judgement

Seeing the Balance of the Day of Judgement in a dream means vulnerability of people’s secrets, exposing one’s actions in public, recognition of the ultimate truth, joy, happiness, victory and justice. Source: Ibn Sirin

Dreams Near The Day Of Judgement

Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam) as saying: When the time draws near (when the Resurrection is near) a believer’s dream can hardly be false. And the truest vision will be of one who is himself the most truthful in speech, for the vision of a Muslim is the forty-fifth part of Prophecy, and dreams are of three types: one good dream which is a sort of good tidings from Allah; the evil dream which causes pain is from the satan; and the third one is a suggestion of one’s own mind; so if any one of you sees a dream which he does not like he should stand tip and offer prayer and he should not relate it to people, and he said: I would love to see fetters (in the dream), but I dislike wearing of necklace, for the fetters is (an indication of) one’s steadfastness in religion. The narrator said: I do not know whether this is a part of the hadith or the words of Ibn Sirin. (Muslim) Source: Ibn Sirin

Reckoning of a Deceased Person

Seeing the reckoning of a deceased person in a dream denotes his sufferings in the hereafter. Source: Ibn Sirin

Traveler Asked to Account for Travel Expenses

If a traveler is asked to account for his travel expenses, and if he is treated with kindness during the reading of his report in the dream, it means profits from his journey and a safe return to his homeland. Source: Ibn Sirin

Reckoning Own Self

If one reckons himself in a dream, it means that he will repent for his sins. Source: Ibn Sirin

One Brought for Judgment on the Day of Reckoning

If one is brought for judgment on the day of reckoning, and if his questioning is made easy in the dream, it means that Allah has blessed him to marry a pious wife who has love and compassion for him, and who cares about his interests. If his questioning is strict and detailed in the dream, it means that he will incur losses. Source: Ibn Sirin

Person Questioned Himself and Investigated

If a person sees himself questioned, probed and investigated in a court by people he does not recognize in the dream, it means that he has strayed into innovation, and that he will remain accountable for his actions. If he sees them well dressed and fragrant, congratulating him and greeting him with the salutation of peace; ” As-Salamu Alaikum “, then it is an indication of his righteousness and good deeds. Source: Ibn Sirin

Seeing Rising of the Dead on Day of Judgment

Seeing the rising of all the dead on the Day of Judgment in a dream represents people attending to their daily business and seeking profits where some will win while others will lose. Source: Ibn Sirin

This is the bridge people have to walk on after the Day of Resurrection to meet their Lord on the Day of Judgement. The ease of crossing it depends on the weight of deeds one is carrying. Some cross like lightening, while others have to carry their burdens and move at varying paste. Walking on it in a dream means a journey. If the bridge caves under one’s feet in the dream, it means destruction and death. Source: Ibn Sirin

Seeing this bridge in a dream also represents knowledge, truth, believing in Allah’s oneness and following the teachings and example of Allah’s Messenger Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam. Source: Ibn Sirin

Foot Slips while Crossing Bridge Sirat

If one’s foot slips while crossing in the dream, it means that he will miss the true path. Source: Ibn Sirin

Walking the Path on Day of Resurrection

If one sees himself walking the path in a dream, it means that he is on the right track, follows what is commanded and abstains from what is forbidden. It also means that one will undergo awesome changes, undertakes major responsibilities and succeeds to reach safety. If one’s foot slips in a dream, it also means that he will fall into sin and deviate from the straight path. Source: Ibn Sirin

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