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Islamic Dream Interpretation Urine and Dream Meaning

It is the same as seeing the hair of the human body. Source: Ibn Sirin

Urinating in a dream also means dispelling distress. Source: Ibn Sirin

Urinating in a dream means wasting money in an unnecessary or an unlawful way. It also means a marriage to an unsuitable or a non-compatible person.  Source: Ibn Sirin

Urine generally symbolizes spending and wasting money. It could also mean illicit or inappropriate spending.

Urinating: The dreamer will spend money that will benefit himself.

Urinating in the Sea

Urinating in the sea in a dream mean paying taxes or giving charity.  Source: Ibn Sirin

Urinating in the sea: The dreamer will pay taxes to the ruler or zakat (religious dues). Source: Islamic Scholars

Urinating in the Valley

Urinating in a valley in a dream means expansion of one’s progeny. Source: Ibn Sirin

Emitting Bad Odor after Urination

Emitting bad odor after urination while others are looking with despise in a dream means defamation, or exposing one’s ills in public. Source: Ibn Sirin

Drinking Urine

Drinking urine in a dream means earning unlawful income. Source: Ibn Sirin

Frequency of Urination

Frequency of urination in a dream means receiving regular income. On the other hand, suppression of urine in a dream means the opposite, or it may mean hastiness, or making an incorrect decision. Source: Ibn Sirin

Urinating in an Unknown Place

If one sees himself urinating in an unknown place, in someone else’s house, a lodge, a town, etcetera in a dream, it may mean kinship with its people. Source: Ibn Sirin

Wetting Underpants

Wetting one’s underpants in a dream means a newborn in the family. Source: Ibn Sirin

Urinating in a Bathroom

Urinating in a bathroom or removing hair with lime or any shaving cram is regarded as a good ream; If in misery, the observer will soon find relief from his misery; if in fear, he will soon find happiness; if grief-stricken, his grief will soon be removed; if he is ill, he will soon recover and enjoy good health. If none of the above conditions prevail, it means a complete transformation of his condition – meaning that if he is not ill, he will become ill; if he is happy, he will be afflicted with grief, perhaps caused by some financial loss.  Source: Ibn Sirin

Urine Testing Tube

urine testing tube in a dream represents a prostitute. Source: Ibn Sirin

Urinating Inside a Glass Tube

If one sees himself urinating inside such a tube in his dream, he should beware not to commit adultery. Source: Ibn Sirin

Urinating Blood

Urinating blood in a dream means sodomizing. Source: Ibn Sirin

Servant Urinating Inside a Well or a Stream

If one sees a servant or a worker of his urinating inside a well or a stream inside such a garden in the dream, it means that a relative will betray the interests of the family. Source: Ibn Sirin

If one sees his servant or employee urinating inside a well or a stream in a dream, it means that someone from his family will betray its interests. Source: Ibn Sirin

Urinating in a Canal or a Watercourse

Urinating in a canal or a watercourse in a dream means committing a sin, engaging in unlawfulness or molesting a servant. Source: Ibn Sirin

Urinating on the Tombs

Urinating on the tombs, or walking with the dead means he will be involved with evil, debauched, and atheistic people and select one’s friends on this basis. Source: Islamic Scholars

Urinating Smoothly

Urinating smoothly: Money will flow from the dreamer’s pocket, and his savings will be eroded. Source: Islamic Scholars

Containing one’s Urine

Containing one’s urine: The dreamer will be angry with his wife. Source: Islamic Scholars

Being hard pressed but finding nowhere to Urinate

Being hard pressed but finding nowhere to urinate: The dreamer is searching for a place to bury his money but is unable to find one. Source: Islamic Scholars

Holding back Urine or Urinating with Difficulty

Holding back urine or urinating with difficulty: The dreamer is rushing things and taking incorrect initiatives, because continence is like frustration and frustrated persons are unstable and never go back on a decision before they feel the heat. Source: Islamic Scholars

Urinating in an Unknown Place

Urinating in an unknown place: The dreamer will marry a woman or a slave in that place who will receive his semen and make him part of her family. Source: Islamic Scholars

Urinating in a Well

Urinating in a well: The dreamer will spend illegally acquired money. Source: Islamic Scholars

Urinating on a Commodity

Urinating on a commodity: Will incur losses in it. Source: Islamic Scholars

Rich Person Urinating and Withholding

A rich person urinating and withholding some of the urine: He will lose some of his wealth. Source: Islamic Scholars

Troubled Person urinating

A troubled person urinating and retaining some of his urine: He will get limited relief. Source: Islamic Scholars

Urinating in Drops

Urinating in drops: A debt will be paid back in instalments. Source: Islamic Scholars

Urinating with Someone and seeing the Urine Mixing

Urinating with someone and seeing the urine mixing: Rapprochement or one of the two will marry into the other’s family. Source: Islamic Scholars

Urinating or Pissing Some drop in Prayer Niche

Urinating or pissing one, two, or three drops in the prayer niche: The dreamer will have as many virtuous and handsome children as there were drops. Source: Islamic Scholars

Pissing on a Holy Book

Pissing on a holy book: The dreamer will have a son who will memorize that book. Source: Islamic Scholars

Few Drops come out after Urinating

The few drops that come out after urinating: Money that will not stay long, to the dreamer’s regret. Source: Islamic Scholars

Pissing and seeing a Vapor Rising and Covering Sky

Pissing and seeing a vapour rising to cover the whole sky: The dreamer will have a son whose realm will reach the horizons. Source: Islamic Scholars

Pissing in an Animated Area of Marketplace

Pissing in an animated area of a marketplace: The dreamer will become a familiar figure in that market. Source: Islamic Scholars

Horseman Stepping Down and Pissing Blood

A horseman stepping down from a mare for some adventitious reason and pissing blood: He is indulging in adultery  (because, according to the ancient Arabs, the soil is a woman and pissing is sex, while blood symbolizes what is prohibited). Source: Islamic Scholars

Urinating in the Mihrab

Urinating in the mihrab or prayer niche: The dreamer will have a son who will become a Muslim spiritual leader, as the mihrab basically represents the imam. Source: Islamic Scholars

Pissing a bird

Pissing a bird: The dreamer will have a son showing similarities to the essence or characteristics of that bird, be they good or bad. Source: Islamic Scholars

Pissing Stool

Pissing stool: The dreamer will commit an abomination in which family will get involved. Source: Islamic Scholars

Pissing Vomitus

Pissing vomitus: The dreamer will have an illegitimate son. Source: Islamic Scholars

Pissing in the Standing Position

Pissing in the standing position: The dreamer will spend money unconsciously. Source: Islamic Scholars

Pissing on One’s Shirt

Pissing on one’s shirt:  (1) If a bachelor, the dreamer will get married.  (2) If already married, the dreamer will have a boy. Source: Islamic Scholars

Pissing in One’s Nose

Pissing in one’s nose: The dreamer will have sex with a prohibited relative. Source: Islamic Scholars

Pissing Sand or Mud

Pissing sand or mud: The dreamer performs his ablutions neither properly nor regularly. Source: Islamic Scholars

Pissing fire

Pissing fire:  (1) The dreamer will have a powerful son.  (2) The dreamer will have a son who will become a thief. Source: Islamic Scholars

Pissing a Lion

Pissing a lion: The dreamer will have an unjust son. Source: Islamic Scholars

Pissing Worms

Pissing worms: The dreamer will be prolific. Source: Islamic Scholars

Pissing a Snake

Pissing a snake: The dreamer will have a son who will turn hostile to him. Source: Islamic Scholars

Pissing a She-Cat

Pissing a she-cat: The dreamer will have a girl by an Oriental woman born in a coastal area. Source: Islamic Scholars

Pissing a Fish

Pissing a fish: The dreamer will have a girl from a woman he brought from a coastal area, like the shores of the Arabian Sea. Source: Islamic Scholars

Pissing Juice

Pissing juice: The dreamer will overspend. Source: Islamic Scholars

Pissing Saffron

Pissing saffron: The dreamer will have a son who will become a nurse. Source: Islamic Scholars

Pissing Blood

Pissing blood: The dreamer will marry a divorcee or a prohibited relative without knowing it. Source: Islamic Scholars

Pissing Blood in an Unknown Garden

Pissing blood in an unknown garden or irrigating it with water not from the sea: The dreamer will make love to a lady. In case the act took place in the dreamer’s own garden, he would break an oath by having sex with his wife, sodomizing her or sleeping with her during her menses. Source: Islamic Scholars

Hireling Pissing in a Garden

A hireling pissing in a garden or irrigating it from alien sources or wells: A man is betraying the dreamer with his wife. Source: Islamic Scholars

Urinating too Much

Urinating too much in an unusual manner, getting stained with one’s urine, noting a bad smell, or urinating and being watched by people who find it unworthy of the dreamer’s reputation: Quarrels, sorrow, evil, and scandal. Source: Islamic Scholars

Drinking Urine

Drinking urine: Suspicious gains, illegal wealth, and hardships  (because only in hardships and impossible situations is a human being compelled to drink urine). Source: Islamic Scholars

Urinating in Certain People’s House

Urinating in certain people’s house, shop, mosque, country, or village: The dreamer will marry into that family or folk who will receive the dreamer’s semen. If that act took place in a mosque, in particular, the dreamer will have a pious and virtuous son. Source: Islamic Scholars

Urinating on the Altar of a Mosque

Urinating on the altar of a mosque: The dreamer will have an enlightened son. Source: Islamic Scholars

Pissing Milk

Pissing milk: The dreamer’s nature will change. If a known person drinks from it, he will spend on him from honest sources. Source: Islamic Scholars

Woman Pissing Plenty of Urine

A woman pissing plenty of urine: She desires men. Source: Islamic Scholars

Rich Man Urinating in a Urinal

A rich man urinating in a urinal: He will lose money. Source: Islamic Scholars

Poor Person Urinating Abundantly

A poor person urinating abundantly in a urinal: Relief will come. Source: Islamic Scholars

People Touching and Coating Themselves with Urine

Seeing people touching and coating themselves with one’s urine: The dreamer will have a son whom people will follow. Source: Islamic Scholars

An Identified or Well-known Person Pissing

Seeing an identified or well-known person pissing on the dreamer: The former will sustain the latter financially to humiliate him. Source: Islamic Scholars

Urinating in a Bottle

Urinating in a bottle, a washtub, a jar, an anonymous well or an empty space: The dreamer will have sex with or marry a woman. Source: Islamic Scholars

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