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Islamic Dream Interpretation Wedding and Dream Meaning

A wedding shows the signs of receiving material wealth, honor, dignity and pomp. And the measure of the wedding depends on the beauty, social status and pedigree of his bride. Source: Ibn Sirin

Islamic Dream Interpretation Bridegroom in Wedding

If someone sees himself as a bridegroom in his wedding, and he sees him accompanied by musicians and the dancers. It means that he may die in that wedding. If someone sees his self that he is having marital intercourse with his bride and could not recognize his bride, even he doesn’t know her name. It also means that he may die. And if one in his dream recognizes his bride and she is named as his bride in the dream, it means receiving wealth. Source: Ibn Sirin

Islamic Dream Interpretation Wedding Party

A wedding party in which you saw dancing or any other form of entertainment, this dream means a tragedy would happen. A particularly bad sign is the Zaghrouda, the strident, long-drawn, and singing shrill produced by Arab women who move the tongue with the speed of the drumstick of an electric bell as a manifestation of joy.

  • One Zaghrouda could mean different but minor worries.
  • A person giving a wedding party could mean a disaster.
  • When invited to a wedding party: means joy and happiness.
  • When organizing and looking after the preparations for wedding party: Some members from the family of dreamer may attend his funeral.
  • When someone sees wedding party held where someone is ill: Later, he will die. Source: Different Islamic Scholars

Islamic Dream Interpretation Loud or Sophisticated Wedding

In general if one sees a wedding ceremony in his dream, it is not a happy dream. But it depends whether the person is at his own wedding or is invited to someone else’s wedding. And the interpretation depends whether the party is silent or entertaining. A calm and sophisticated wedding means welfare and blessings, especially when someone sees good traditional symbols. Source: Different Islamic Scholars

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