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Islamic Dream Interpretation Woman and Dream Meaning

woman in a dream also represents pleasures or authority, wealth, the world, a farm, for a wife governs the needs of her husband and controls his life in one way or another. Woman also represents one’s store, his hiding place or a coffee. Or woman could also represent a confidant, a prison, a well, an inkwell, a tree, a house or a partner who shares pleasure and wealth with her husband. Woman also represents that earth, the world or a graveyard, for one returns to it after that he comes out of it. Source: Ibn Sirin

Islamic Dream Interpretation Woman with Male Organ (Penis)

If one sees in his dream, a woman with a male generative organ and if that woman is pregnant is pregnant in real life, It means she will give birth to a son. Moreover, that son will grow up and will have good character and leadership qualities. And if she is not pregnant and she already has a child, it means that whenever she does give birth, she will give birth to a son whose character will be good. Source: Ibn Sirin

Islamic Dream Interpretation Unknown Woman

An unknown woman in a dream has better meanings than seeing a known woman. Unknown female species in a dream means loss of money too. Source: Ibn Sirin

Islamic Dream Interpretation Woman Crown is Stolen

If a woman sees that her crown is stolen, it shows the death of her husband. Source: Ibn Sirin

Islamic Dream Interpretation Women

If one sees that woman he is giving something to him or speaking to him, it shows that the dreamer will then deal with her or someone who resembles that woman personality or name. Source: Ibn Sirin

Islamic Dream Interpretation Woman with Shaved Head

When woman sees her shaved head in her dream, it means divorce or could mean that death of her husband. Source: Ibn Sirin

Islamic Dream Interpretation Woman Mounting an Ox

If a woman sees mounting an ox, it means she will marry a man if she is unmarried. But if a married woman sees an ox, her husband will obey her and she will take advantage of his good nature. Source: Ibn Sirin

Incident: A woman shaving the Dreamer’s Hair and Beard

It is narrated that a person came to Imaam Jafar Saadiq (RA) and said: “I dreamed that a woman shaves my beard and hair. What is the interpretation?” He said: “Indeed, you have seen the most unpleasant dream. For the woman symbolizes the year (time) and the head symbolizes man’s honor, respect beauty, and all the Allah favors him with. You will lose all of these. But since you have seen a woman do this, all these bounties will be recovered shortly.” (The narrator says that) the dream came true after a short period of time. Source: Ibn Sirin

Incident: Short Black Woman

A man told Imam Ibn Sirin: “I saw that I was betrothed to a black woman who was short in the dream.” Ibn Sirin replied: “Go and marry her, for her blackness is her richness, and her size represents the span of her life. For you will shortly inherit her wealth.” Source: Ibn Sirin

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